Apple Crumble Muffins.

Soft vanilla muffins, filled with sweet chunky apple sauce, topped with a vanilla cinnamon buttercream and a sprinkle of homemade crumble topping. Yep, its autumn! These most definitely had the essence of comfort food and autumn in one bite. They kind of take you through every thing good about an apple crumble. The crunchy topping, sweet apple spiced with cinnamon and then just an added … Continue reading Apple Crumble Muffins.

Black Forest Gateau Muffins.

Dark rich chocolate muffins… filled with sweet cherry jam…topped with freshly whipped double cream, chocolate shavings and a fresh cherry.. Have I got your attention yet?😍 If there is any muffin you need to make this autumn/christmas it is 100% this one. My mum adores these muffins, which is why i’m sat here writing a recipe for them today. Just so damn tasty. Since I … Continue reading Black Forest Gateau Muffins.

Chocolate Milkshake Cupcakes.

Yes, you read that right… chocolate milkshake cupcakes😍 Chocolate, cupcakes AND milkshake… all rolled into one. Seems to good to be true but these were so yummy! Hello everyone! Its Friday and finally September!! Which means a few things- soon enough I can permanently wear a scarf and big wooly jumpers *fist pump* and it is soon the season for pumpkins/hot chocolates/comfort foods and crunchy fallen leaves. … Continue reading Chocolate Milkshake Cupcakes.