Hello everyone!

My full name is Lizzie Clarke and i’m 21 years old.


I thought I would use this page as an introduction to me and my life! So yeah, as stated before i’m 21 years old and living currently in Bristol. I haven’t lived here very long, just over half a year but I moved up to live with my boyfriend… Jack! We’ve been together for nearly 3 years and he is my absolute rock, fully supports me in every way. What more could I ask for aye!

I love adventures, the outdoors and exploring, my goal in life is to visit countries all over the world, explore the sites and visit places I never knew existed.


But as my blog fully shows, my main passion in life is cooking. I am well and truly an absolute foodie. It is the first thing I think of when i wake up and the last thing I am thinking about when I go to bed…


Apart from this, I love animals. It stems from growing up with pets. Currently I own a horse and a cat.. both of which I would claim are my best friends. (I know, it’s kinda sad 😉 )

So, meet-





-The others-



I hope that my blog will inspire people to try new recipes, enjoy the ones I post and inspire me to try new things.

Lots of Love X

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