5 Days In Munich, Germany- Part 2

Morning! ❀

I had my best friend stay earlier this week so this post is a little late than I wanted! That teamed with feeling a little under the weather. None the less we officially planned out all of our American trip for next year! YAY!

This is the post for the last 3 days of my 5 day trip to Munich *hooray*.. if you haven’t already read my first part, i’ll link it below! Give it a read πŸ™‚

5 Days In Munich, Germany- Part 1

-Day 3-

It’s was my birthdayyyyyyyy!!!!!!

As mentioned in previous posts i’ve written… I. LOVE. BIRTHDAYS. This time, I was spending mine on holiday which makes it extra special πŸ˜€ We were just going to spend the day eating, general exploring and drinking beer! A lot of beer. It is my birthday after all πŸ˜‰ I read about the famous Glockenspiel clock in Marienplatz too and it was on my list of things to see when visiting Munich. That and walking to the Vikualienmarkt (Outdoor food market!). Due to it being my birthday breakfast was definitely on Jack and what better than ANOTHER pastry from the bakery next door…what is healthy eating again?


That beauty was probably one of the best things i’ve ever encountered. Cheese? and Bacon? ON A PRETZEL? Even looking at it makes my mouth water… Scoffing this down in literally 2 seconds flat we got ready to leave! It was looking grey,gloomy and abit windy but IT WAS SNOWING!! Undeterred I grabbed my scarf and hat and headed off to the train station!
*cue unconventional bathroom selfie*

A bit windy? It was blimming freezing and VERY windy! The underground station wasn’t far and they have some really good maps of the stops of each line on the walls, making it easy to work out where you needed to go/which line you wanted etc. So if you are traveling the U-bahns. DONT PANIC! They’re fairly easy. πŸ™‚

For us we had to jump on the U5 heading towards Laimer Platz, getting off at OdeonPlatz and then get on the U6 getting off at the Marienplatz station. This journey took 11 minutes, perfect!
Quick Note:
The glockenspiel clock plays at 11am and 12pm.
Stepping out into Marienplatz, I remember being in awe at how beautiful it was! The old historic buildings surround a square, filled with small cafes, restaurants and shops. It was truly beautiful, it also happened to be the day of a Carnival so there was live music and stalls and a stage for the acts. It was so lovely but also fairly busy so if you aren’t a fan of crowds then this probably isn’t the place for you whilst the carnival is on!


By this point, it was pouring with rain instead of snow and freezing so, I didn’t get many photo’s of the square as my camera was getting way too wet but watching the glockenspiel made me feel so content, it really was lovely to watch! It also attracts so much attention from people all over the world and if you are visiting Munich, i thoroughly recommend going to see it.


After a good five minutes we headed off to find us some food, we knew there was a food market near by so armed with our pre-google map maps we trundled through the rain..
About 5 minutes away (probably less than that!), there was the start of the Vikualienmarkt. We had a quick look around the stalls, but the rain was so heavy by this point, we just needed some food and somewhere to eat to get out of the cold!

Then, like a big beaming light from the sky, there was Rischart… A cafe, on the edge of the market, with the most delicious, mouthwatering doughnuts/sweet treats I have EVER SEEN. Although they had no seating options available at this time, it most definitely didn’t stop me or Jack buying some.


There was rows and rows of doughnut/cakes… all equally as tasty-looking. Trying to take in how good they looked and decide which one I was going to have was harder than it looks!
We both went for fairly classical flavours! Jack chose a tiramisu inspired one (great choice!) and I went for the Black forest gateaux inspired one. (also a great choice if i say so myself)


I think there is more than one located in Munich but if you are near the Vikualienmarkt then give this 5 minutes of your time and gorge on one or more of these beauties. You will not be disappointed in the slightest 😍 For us, we thought they were reasonably priced around 2.5 euros each!

So, it was still cold and in a state of rain AND snow but feeling slightly more perkier due to having some food in our bellies, we spent the next hour just wandering around, looking at the various shops. We decided that we needed some proper lunch and went on a hunt for a restaurant. Although all of the cafes looked nice and the food looked great, none of it took my fancy.
At this point we decided to hop back on the U-bahn and head off to Ostbahnhof in search of somewhere to eat. We were starving again but located near the main entrance of the train station was a small restaurant called Zirbel Stuben. I was initially drawn in by the outside of the restaurant and the decor inside was mostly wooden, with pictures and ornaments everywhere. It looked inviting and the menu didn’t seem too bad πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, the menus weren’t English… nor did they have any English writing to give you an idea of what you were reading! Putting this aside, the lady who served us could speak some English and helped us order some damn good food!!
Finally, after two days we found somewhere that did what we wanted 😍
Teamed with our first beer of the day, phew! Needed it.
The food was really tasty, it was such a generous portion too and the beer was great! She told us it was the best beer in Munich πŸ˜‰ But i was more focused on the amount of chips I had on my plate 😍 SO. MANY. CHIPS. The inner foodie in me, just bursting at the seams!


Not knowing what to expect when it comes to this dish, I was surprised at how delicious it was! The sweet but spicy curry sauce was so tasty. I must master a recipe to it! This is one restaurant that I recommend on your travels to Munich, its somewhere you can get a good hearty meal, with decent portion sizes for your money! The beer is great too. So all round thumbs up from me πŸ˜€

After such a busy first half of the day, still abit damp from the rain we headed back to the hotel for a nap, to freshen up and get ready for more food and beer in the evening. Perfect birthday so far.
Until it thundered… there was a storm? in winter? just after the snow?
Before we traveled to Munich, we googled and googled beer halls to see which one was best and found one located 10 minutes from Ostbahnhof station. It was called Tap-house and fitted perfectly what we wanted. Beer, plenty of it and food! πŸ˜€
The beer hall is on Rosenheimer Str. 108. It was so cosy and welcoming. Tall bar tables, wooden barrels everywhere (some even used for tables!) and a beer menu that may aswell have been a novel. Too much choice. The waiters here were wonderful too, very friendly and explained various things to us in English which is always a bonus πŸ™‚ I had some Belgian beer, which was great.
Aswell as drinking beer, we ordered a platter sort of dish from the food menu. We just wanted something we could chill with, pick at and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere! The sharing platter we ordered came with six different pots of picky-bits and a basket of sourdough slices and pretzels 😍
It was around 12 euros and for the amount you got, worth the money! It has various meats, potato salads and pastas so there was a little bit for everyone πŸ™‚

After gorging on plenty of tasty food and drinking some of the nicest beer i’ve tasted, it was time to head back to the hotel. It was day 4 tomorrow, our last full day but also the day we were going to the zoo.


-Day 4-

HOORAY! I was so excited for this day! I love animals, so..damn..much.
Munich Zoo was honestly one of the best zoo’s that I have ever been too! It was wonderful πŸ™‚ It is a 40 acre park located right next to the River Isar, which in its own light, is a rather beautiful sight too!


Before I absolutely spam the post with pictures of the animals etc! Lets talk quickly about getting to the Zoo.
We got to the zoo via trains. As stated before the underground system in Munich is the best way to get around, its super easy to navigate and quick πŸ™‚ If you are going to the zoo from Marienplatz, you simply need to jump on the U3 to Thalkirchen (Tierpark) and follow the signs to the zoo! For us, we needed to jump on two trains. First off the U5 heading towards Laimer Platz getting off at Odeonplatz. From there a quick change over to get on the U3 heading towards FΓΌrstenried West getting off at Thalkirchen.

Quick Tips:
Be sure to get a few snaps of the murals located on your way out off the station! They were all animal/zoo themed and pretty awesome to look at!
2- Getting the public transport to the zoo will be far easier than jumping in a car, its quicker and hassle free! The parking can become a pain, especially over the weekends and holiday times.

Heading over the bridge you are welcomed with the sign which means you can essentially enter child mode.


The prices were 15 euros each, which equates to roughly Β£13.50! So it was definitely reasonably priced, probably cheaper than a lot of other zoos’ too which makes it a positive in my books!
I can’t remember if they give out free maps- sorry! They do however, have maps plastered on boards along the park:) Its handy to take a picture of it to refer back too, that way you are guaranteed not to miss anything!


With the thought that you may in fact run out of time trying to see all these animals, you waste no time in getting going! There was two animals I wanted to see so badly, I was itching to get going… the brown bear and the polar bears (including the newly born cub!)
Please note: The brown bear is in hibernation during the winter. So if visiting in fall and winter you will not be able to see him 😦

Aside from not being able to see the brown bear, we started our glorious zoo day seeing the familiars. We went right, headed along the bottom of the map and came across the goats, pelicans (an animal I had NEVER seen before! quite scary too) we also seen the moose’s, rhinos and highland cows! All of these animals had one thing in common, they lived in lovely houses/fields/exhibits. Munich zoo had some of the nicest living conditions for animals πŸ™‚ Forget the grubby glass that a million children have lent against and appreciate them roaming happily! It was really warming to see them look in such good condition too.

Heading on, you will reach POLAR WORLD! This is where the most gorgeous, cutest cub can be seen. He is honestly the cutest thing i’ve ever witnessed.
I knew that when we were going to Munich zoo, we were going to see the cub that had been born a few months before. I’ve never seen any polar bears before in captivity, so for me this was super exciting! πŸ˜€ Armed with my camera and practically dragging Jack behind me, we stood next leaning against the big panes of glass, eagerly waiting for the little cub to pop his head out.

1 minute… no sign
2 minutes… no sign
5 minutes… no sign
10 minutes later….. still no sign 😦
Jack was getting a little bored I think by this point, kept asking to go but let me tell you… persistence pays off! We made a deal of 10 minutes and low and behold.. HERE HE WAS!


The excitement just took over, the little 5 year old child inside me was buzzing! He was tiny, fluffy and so cute I could have cried! hahaha
We stood for a good, 15 minutes maybe more just watching him and his mum- who was HUGE btw and beautiful. He looked like a handful too, bounding around, biting her legs and at one point, running into the trickling waterfall, sliding across the mud and rolling down the hills. He was precious.

After getting our fill of polar bear cute-ness we headed on to view the male polar bear. He was sat on the opposite side of the glass, his paws were honestly the size of dinner plates.. ❀
Then the seals, penguins and finally onto the rest of the animals in the zoo!

Just look at him 😍😍😍

Rather than list every animal, I will put in a gallery of all the photo’s I got from the zoo… or at least the good ones πŸ˜‰ We seen the ever so majestic lions, tigers, giraffes, orangutans, chimpanzees and the list was just endless 😍. I cannot recommend the zoo enough, if you are traveling to Munich in the near future, then don’t miss out on this place! πŸ˜€

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After a long day of walking round the zoo.. we were tired and HUNGRY! We knew where we wanted to eat that evening, Bergwolf! Bergwolf is an absolute beauty of a snack bar. Serving the best (yes, even better than Zirbel Stuben) currywurst and chips. The spicy curried ketchup and generous portions of fries were so yummy i’m drooling just thinking about them πŸ˜ It was authentic, quite small but the staff were very friendly, spoke good english and the prices were very good.
If you are a budget traveler, food wise- we were! You will want to eat here πŸ™‚

Bergwolf is located at Fraunhoferstraße. From Munich zoo, hop on the U3 Moosach and get off at Sendlinger Tor. Its the 5th stop! Then you’ll need to get the U2 Messestadt and get off at Fraunhoferstraße. It is just up the escalator on the right πŸ™‚

After this, we headed back to the hotel for a goods nights rest.

-Day 5-

The last day 😦 This is only a quick bit now, being our last day. We didn’t do much in the way of exciting adventurous things but we did go buy some beers from the local supermarket and head to a park to enjoy some afternoon drinking before our flight home.


The park we ended up in was the English Garden. This park is pretty big HUGE, largest in Europe and even bigger than Central Park in New York!
It was most definitely the perfect end to a perfect holiday ❀

Phew! So that’s it! Munich was a gorgeous place, full of traditional beer halls, big parks and gorgeous scenery surrounding it. If you want to ask more, feel free to email me or pop a comment below and I will answer as best as I can πŸ™‚

On the flip side- if you have visited Munich and have some cool stuff that other people should know about, do leave a comment below!

Please do give me a follow and check out my other posts!

Lots of Love X


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