5 Days In Munich, Germany- Part 1

Good morning! ❤
Hope everyone is goooood 🙂 This is my first ‘official’ travel post today for my blog so please be gentle haha! I’ve got my cup of tea and all my holiday photos to re-jog my memory so i am ready for battle basically. #exaggeration

Earlier this year… end of February to be exact! Me and my partner decided to go away for my birthday, I um’d and ah’d about where I wanted to go but finally settled on Munich! Best decision, ever.

Before I went, I looked up a fair few things i’d like to do/ where I wanted to go/ eat/ drink… you name it, I probably looked it up. This really helped with 1- not getting there and looking like a lost sheep in a VERY big field and 2- getting to overspend on food and beer.
Win Win i think…

I decided on Munich because from the initial pictures it is GORGEOUS! Not only this but I am a bit of a food obsess-er… and Munich do this verrryyyy well! Pastries the size of your head? Sausages? cheese? Teamed with being known for having some great beer halls/ holding an annual Oktoberfest?

I’m ya gal’

Aside from this, being in heart of Bavaria it is surrounded by countrysides, small quaint towns and of course the beautiful Alps. The alps was a truly breathtaking experience! #highlyreccomend

We booked our holiday with Last Minute and found this website easy to use but also helpful with being able to see reviews and how far away from the city centre it was etc etc! I will talk about where we stayed below, don’t worry!

So of we went, for our 3am coach from Bristol to London Victoria. We were both pretty tired from work the day before but none the less, excitement overtook and I felt like a little kid at Christmas… was practically one step away from leaping off the walls.
I love holidays.

We were flying from Stanstead so had to do a changeover at London Victoria Coach Station as it worked out cheaper than getting a coach from Bristol to Stanstead!

Lets fast track to getting on the plane- it was a 2 hour flight, I had my little puzzle book, a bag of crispy M&M’s (#priorities) and we flew with Easy Jet. The plane journey was standard! Not going to lie, it was a long time since I’d been on a plane… holding Jacks hand at the age of 21 for the take off is normal, right?
The best part about flying is being next to the window and getting the all important ‘i’m 40,000 ft in the air, on a plane shot’.


Yeah.. I did that!

Getting into Munich airport, we had to catch a half hour train into Ostbahnhof (Munich’s East Station’. It was a nice train journey and from there we caught a bus to our hotel. Public transport in Munich is easy to understand in terms of platforms, stops and obviously which train you need but the bus ticket system?! It was cryptic i swear.


We stayed in a hotel called Munchen City Sud, it was a little way out of the centre but due to the great underground train system, this wasn’t a problem.


As far as hotels go, this was an okay hotel. We weren’t planning on staying in the hotel for long periods of time, so didn’t need the Ritz. However, this hotel didn’t come with a kettle or any sort of kitchen bits, which was a little gutting!

Realizing it was Sunday and nowhere was open, we needed some food… PRONTO! Hangry and tired, we found out there was a small restaurant nearby and ventured the 10 minute walk to satisfy the grumbling bellies.
It was called Zar Restuarant and Bar and it was a lovely, lovely little place. The staff were friendly and even had an English Menu for us to have! The decor though.. was beautiful. Dark colours, logs everywhere, hanging lights and just generally very traditional and rustic feeling.


The food was really nice too so if you are ever near by, give it a go! After this it was back to the hotel for a decent night sleep as we had a big day tomorrow!

Day 1 done. Phew!

-Day 2-

This was our big, adventure filled day! We were off to Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof for our pre-paid day tour!
It was going to be a long day, so we needed some extra fuel for the morning… Pastries to be exact 😉


Eyes bulging at the butter rich, flaky looking pastries I opted for a cinnamon swirl, with pecans and icing and oh my god it was HEAVENLY! This small little bakery was next door to the hotel too, so even better!

We picked the best day to go too! It was not too cold and sunny, perfect!
The tour itself was fantastic! The tour guide was friendly, very knowledgeable and explained a lot of the back story and history of the Castles.
We booked our tour with a company on Trip advisor. It was roughly £50 each but worth every single penny.
Neuschwanstein Tour

Both castles are so breathtaking, situated in the heart of the alps, surrounded by natural beauty and yeah, absolutely fairy like!
The journey started off from the city centre of Munich. It was really easy to find, opposite the Ostbahnhof station and this is where we met the tour guide and got ourselves ready for a lengthy couple hours of road tripping!
We sat on the top deck, on the right side. Although the scenery was vast and pretty, I would recommend sitting on the left hand side. This is because as you near the Alps and the castles, they are situated on the left and you can’t miss those photo opportunities 😉

The first stop was Linderhof Palace, you aren’t aloud to take photos inside but the exterior of the building was carefully adorned with gold and looked out to the alps and a beautiful garden!
Inside this palace, there was gold and architect that made you feel like you are in a dream. The intricate hand painted murals, the ceilings and mirrors everywhere. It is hard to explain how beautiful it really was, a memory that I wont forget but learning more about how Ludwig built this and how he lived was equally as interesting!
This happens to be the only castle out of the three he built that he lived to see completed.

There is plenty of opportunity after the tour- which was between 15-25 minutes to take photo’s of the castle/surrounding area and just generally appreciate how beautiful the area is.
Here is a couple-


From this, you head on back to the coach and there is short drive to…
This was a pit stop really for a break and some tourist shopping! Either way- this quaint little town was so lovely! We picked up a couple beer steins, a patch for my denim jacket and a postcard booklet. We also managed to pick up a cute little christmas tree decoration, it was a detailed wooden star all handpainted and everything ❤
Oberammergau is re-nound for its once a decade play that they put on and wood carvers. All of the houses are intricately painted with murals on the side facing the road, making the journey into the centre of the city so warming! The shops were full of goodies, a lot of cuckoo clocks. A LOT. Also plenty of restaurants and other bits that unfortunately we didn’t get to check out due to being on a time scale 😦
Always next time though!

Couple hours drive and you’re at Neuschwanstein! The drive was so picturesque, countryside and countryside with small towns dotted about and the distant view of the alps. Wow, what a place this is! There is a little town called Hohenschwangau at the bottom of the hill where you can grab a horse and cart… YES A HORSE AND CART?! to take you up the mountain to the castle or you can burn off those pastries and take the lovely walk up to the castle yourself 🙂
You are given 4 hours here, this includes the tour time to just enjoy yourselves and take in the views.
If you didn’t feel like you were royalty just looking at the world famous fairy tale castle, you do now!


If you thought Linderhof Palace was beautiful, this was a step up! It was huge. Sat on pretty much a pedestal with the mountains as a back drop and a lake on one side. Man this guy knew how to live! You have a fair amount of time before hand so if you keep walking on past the castle (it is signposted) you start to get higher into the alps, where the views are next level. On the left there is a bridge (definitely does NOT feel safe enough to hold 100 people) where the view of the castle is just breathtaking. It is a popular tourist spot, so be prepared to have to duck and dive your way across the bridge and squeeze in gaps to get a great photo but the bustling is worth it. I promise.


If you still have time and are feeling even more adventurous… head across the bridge and follow the winding path up! This is where you feel like you’ve entered a completely different place. The tall trees just cascade down the mountains and once you’ve got to the top of the path. Its just you on the edge of the alp overlooking the full view of the castle, with the huge drop of the gorge beneath.


The tour was again, not very long! You aren’t aloud to take photo’s but same as Linderhof, this castle was something that left you speechless!
Something that really does need to experienced!

You are given audio pieces so that you don’t miss out on hearing about all the finer details of his work and how he lived. The tour guide was a very friendly lady who showed us around the various rooms, all equally as detailed, but just when you think you’ve seen the most beautiful room.. the next one takes your breath away!

4 hours later, energy levels depleting but fulfilled with what a day it had been we headed back on the coach to Munich, where we grabbed some food and went to bed ready for day 3. MY BIRTHDAY!

To be continued..

Lots of Love X


4 thoughts on “5 Days In Munich, Germany- Part 1

  1. Munich sounds like such a beautiful place! I really want to pay a visit there sometime. Really enjoyed reading about your german adventure, be sure to do more posts liked this because they’re so interesting haha xx


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