Taking Flight

”Not all who wander, are lost”- J.R.R Tolkien

Hello everyone!

I thought I would make a post, just explaining what this side of my blog will be about etc etc etc! If you don’t already follow my blog, hey! i’m Lizzie, 21 and living in Bristol! Oh and I LOVE food (and traveling of course!)


I love the outdoors.

Well, as it states above… I love the outdoors and exploring and general traveling! Haha. I think it has always been something I love, even from a child! I live in the UK and until last year, I spent my entire childhood living in Plymouth. Plymouth and the surrounding South west area is beaaauttttiful!

You have the coast and seasides one way and big open moorlands the other, fields upon fields of woodland and tors and scenery so pretty that photos don’t do it justice!
I also had the privilege of owning a horse growing up, so my time was spent outdoors in really lovely places which just increased my love for the outdoors even more ❤


gorgeous huh?

I think the other reason why I love the outdoors is being in that small bubble. Its just you and the open space, you can remove yourself from the everyday hectic-ness and just relax.

It probably sounds a bit sentimental but its true! It also doesn’t have to be on your own either, some of my best memories are spent outside with friends and I want to continue with that for sure.


I also want to travel the world!!
It probably sounds cliche but I am a small fish in a very big pond, there are so many places in the world that I want to visit, document on here and of course EAT IN! Eating would probably be classed as my hobby if i’m honest and to eat in countless different countries?! It. Would. Be. Goals.

It would also be where the little quote I live by comes in-

‘Not all who wander, are lost’

I’m sure you know where this quote is from! If you don’t its Lord of The Rings which are my favourite FAVOURITE set of films, ever. The quote itself though just has such a deep and lovely meaning to it and is basically what my blog is all about.

I have mentioned in a few posts i’ve written in the past few weeks but I am traveling America next year with my best friend (Kayleigh) so this has spurred me on to throw myself in at the deep end and begin to document the planning and the journey!
Its something i’ve always wanted to do and I cannot wait!

Basically, the travel side to my blog will hopefully combine food and travel together 🙂 I hope that my love for exploring will lead me to visit places that I never thought I could!

It would be great if you could take a look at the rest of my blog! I’m looking for some inspiration too so if you leave your blog names below, I will glady check them out 🙂

Lots of Love X


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