The Name Change!

Hey everyone!


*internal whoops of joy*

When I wrote about my Chocolate Fruit Gateau, I mentioned that I would be changing my name so that I could start and add a travel side to my existing blog^.^
Changing my blog name/URL was one of the most DIFFICULT decisions to make! It’s so hard to think of a name that works both with the traveling and baking side of things and that sticks too but thanks to my lovely partner he came up with ‘justawanderingbaker’ and I couldn’t be happier 😀

If you have followed me since I started, I have now officially changed my name from ‘thebakinggothess’ to ‘justawanderingbaker’ and I wanted to make sure everyone was up to date!

I will obviously be keeping my travel side separate to the baking but easily accessible as cooking is truly where my heart lies.

I am super duper excited to expand and share my journey with you all ❤
The first part of my travel side with begin with my visit to Munich in Feb this year and the follow on from that, will be how me and my best friend (Kayleigh) are planning our trip to America next June which will carry on all the way till we leave!

Keep your eyes peeled!

Lots of Love X


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