Chocolate Fruit Gateau- Dads Birthday Cake.

Good morning!

Birthdays are the one time of year that you can truly go overboard with the cake and make it as sickly sweet/luxurious as you like. Pfft. Who am I kidding… you don’t need a reason to go overboard with a cake?!

A little bit of exciting news-

If you have read my about me section you’ll know that my two main loves are food and the outdoors/nature. My goal in life is to travel to places all over the world and eat food in all these various different places. So i’ve decided that I am going to add a small travel section to this blog!! I did visit/travel Munich, Germany this year for my birthday and would love to just share my experiences with everyone!
Not only that… as previously mentioned, IM GOING TO AMERICA! Me and my friend are travelling the West Side for 3 weeks-1 month next year. Whilst i am super excited, i’m going to be keeping almost a travel diary with how the planning is going/the budget/what we will be doing etc. Hopefully inspiring other people to travel more.



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This does mean, in the next few weeks there will be a slight name change to my blog, when this happens I will keep everyone up to date with the new name!

The Cake


3 layers of chocolate sponge, full of sharp raspberry jam, generous pipings of soft double cream topped with chocolate covered fruit, homemade chocolate hazelnut bark and PLENTY of glitter.

As mentioned in my previous post- my dad isn’t the biggest fan of buttercream and doesn’t like fondant whatsoever! *rolls eyes* He does however love my chocolate buttercream (Fudge-y Chocolate Buttercream.) but I didn’t end up using it for this. Instead, I decided on double cream and lots of jam which was equally as yummy!

This time last year, I made him a fruit topped gateaux with cream and he absolutely LOVED it! *inserting photo here….now*

Although I was still really happy with this cake and he was too.. oh we could do better 😉 14459094_10209587144908193_1427763976_nWhich really translated too.. MORE CHOCOLATE!! I decided to keep the chocolate covered fruit as there is something quite indulgent about it and it does look pretty of course! In addition to the fruit, I decided on making some homemade chocolate bark which i used as shards to give a bit of drama and a little glitter a lot of glitter because lets be honest… EVERYONE deserves to shine on their birthday. Period.image1(7)

(This years cake) >

I did kept it pretty simple with the cake itself.. I used my go to chocolate sponge recipe because it produces such a soft and chocolatey sponge. Works perfectly everytime! The chocolate sponge layered with the sharp, tangy but sweet raspberry jam and soft whipped double cream was a match made in heaven! (mouth is officially watering now… I want some cake!!)

For the top of the cake, I wanted to do it slightly differently to last year. Rather than covering the entire cake in the toppings. I went for a crescent style with the majority of the fruit and bark at the back, and just a few bits at the front.
I feel like this worked SO well and looked great ❤


The chocolate bark was actually super fun to do too. It wasn’t complicated at all but it was made using my leftover dipping chocolate from the fruit, roasted chopped hazelnuts and a ton of edible glitter!



I loved making this cake! It went down well and I just had to share it with all of you! There is no recipe but it would be lovely if you could check out my blog and give me a follow! If you leave your blogs down below i will check them out and follow too!


Lots of Love X


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