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Raspberry, White Chocolate Muffins

Raspberry and white chocolate is a serious winner in my eyes. Nothing beats that rich creamy taste of white chocolate matched with tangy sharp raspberries. Its like an explosion of heaven in your mouth… These muffins are a dream to make, deliciously sweet but super simple and SO flavoursome 😍 Ever since I was a child, I’ve LOVED raspberry and white chocolate as a combination, it … Continue reading Raspberry, White Chocolate Muffins

Sun-dried Tomato and Pesto Tear and Share

Hello everyone! Eeeek! It’s almost Christmas. I will probably end up saying this in every post leading up to christmas but it is just the BEST time of year… maybe not for my diet.. or my purse.. but I do seriously love it! I feel that around christmas time, it is socially acceptable to drink Baileys at all hours of the day and thats what … Continue reading Sun-dried Tomato and Pesto Tear and Share

Mini Pecan and Chocolate Doughnuts

Happy Halloween! Hello! Its that time of year where obviously there is halloween, autumn, bonfire night, winter and christmas all rolled into one and this makes me SO excited.. So, here is my recipe for a perfect little treat for this time of year! Mini Pecan, Chocolate Drizzled Baked Doughnuts  I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t love a doughnut! The delicious fried balls of dough … Continue reading Mini Pecan and Chocolate Doughnuts

Apple Crumble Muffins.

Soft vanilla muffins, filled with sweet chunky apple sauce, topped with a vanilla cinnamon buttercream and a sprinkle of homemade crumble topping. Yep, its autumn! These most definitely had the essence of comfort food and autumn in one bite. They kind of take you through every thing good about an apple crumble. The crunchy topping, sweet apple spiced with cinnamon and then just an added … Continue reading Apple Crumble Muffins.

Beef and 3 Bean Chilli

It’s officially October 😍 Which means two things… it’s almost Christmas and it’s almost Halloween?!  You may be thinking that I seem to prefer the last 4 months of the year?  YOU’RE NOT WRONG!  I love autumn/winter and dark nights. The crunch of leaves and the hues of orange and brown everywhere is so perfect. So let’s start the better months of the year of … Continue reading Beef and 3 Bean Chilli

Black Forest Gateau Muffins.

Dark rich chocolate muffins… filled with sweet cherry jam…topped with freshly whipped double cream, chocolate shavings and a fresh cherry.. Have I got your attention yet?😍 If there is any muffin you need to make this autumn/christmas it is 100% this one. My mum adores these muffins, which is why i’m sat here writing a recipe for them today. Just so damn tasty. Since I … Continue reading Black Forest Gateau Muffins.